8 Common Bay Area Plumbing Problems Homeowners Should Know About

UNITED STATES – California’s Bay Area is home to nine counties, major cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, and plenty of plumbing issues. Almost 2% of homes in San Francisco have below average plumbing infrastructure, which is the highest rate of any county and four times higher than Los Angeles.

When to call your local plumbing experts

Plumbing problems can occur in multiple ways and vary greatly in potential damage and cost. While it’s tempting to fix common plumbing problems yourself, it’s important to know when to pack it. Otherwise, you risk significant damage to your internal plumbing system.

If your faucets are dripping, a pipe is overflowing, or you’re not getting water from the faucets, turn off your home’s water faucet and call a local plumbing expert. A Plumbing Service in San Joselike ARS, can come quickly to your location, locate the problem and fix it at a reasonable price.

8 Common Plumbing Problems Found in the Bay Area

If you are a resident of San Francisco, you will often come across dangerous, damaging or embarrassing plumbing problems. Here’s what to do about them when they happen.

1. Leaky pipes

The Bay Area’s poor plumbing infrastructure often leads to leaking pipes. While colder climates have to worry about pipes freezing and cracking when warming up, residents of the bay have to worry about building sinking affecting the piping. Consult a professional to realign or repair your pipes.

2. Slow-draining sink

Partially clogged or slow drains are often the result of a partial blockage. Hair, soap, grease, or foreign matter will build up in your drain over time, and you’ll need to use a drain snake or drain cleaning chemical to remove them. If the drain is still blocked, call a plumber to complete the job.

3. Clogged drain

A completely clogged drain can actually be an emergency if you can’t flush the toilet without flooding your home or if you’re forced to shower in ankle-deep water. Trying to unblock the drain is not recommended, as you could further damage the pipes. Just hire a plumber instead.

4. Smelly Drain

If you smell a distinct sewer odor coming from the drain, mold could be forming inside the pipes in your home. Mold is common in the Bay Area as it is very humid, but if you let it linger in the pipes you will get sick. Use a store-bought degreaser to get rid of that disgusting mildew.

5. Dripping faucet

A dripping faucet is more than just an annoyance; this is a serious waste of water. Typically, a leaky faucet occurs when the faucet itself has deteriorated, but you can also see if the problem is serious by closing the faucet with minimal force. If it still leaks, replace the entire faucet.

6. Low water pressure

Low water pressure in a Bay Area home is a common problem, but the solution depends on what’s causing the pressure problem in the first place. Hidden leaks, pipe corrosion, and blocked sewer lines can be the problem, but try scrubbing the spout to see if you remove any buildup.

7. No hot water

A lack of hot water could indicate a problem with your water heater. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your water heater isn’t working, ranging from a problem with your thermostat to sediment buildup in the tank. Do not service your water heater yourself, as it could explode.

8. Running Toilet

If your toilet is constantly running, the movable valve controlling the water that passes from the toilet tank to the bowl drain may be loose. A hidden leak could also be the culprit. Since a leaking toilet wastes 200 gallons of water a day, you should call a plumber to fix the problem.