Bucci Advanced Plumbing offers local service – Ellwood City, PA news

Jimmie Bucci is truly a hometown guy.

That’s why he chose to open his own plumbing business and serve neighbors and friends in his community.

“I’m most looking forward to working in the city I grew up in and love,” Bucci said. “My dad was a police officer in Ellwood City for 20 years and I know so many people through him. I would be happiest working only in my hometown.

Bucci Advanced Plumbing provides any plumbing repair in commercial or residential environments. Water heaters, boilers, tankless water heaters, sewer coils, camera locations, gas service lines, excavation repairs, well pumps, sewage pumps, dye tests, faucets, toilets, whole house drains and new rough construction.

“You name it, I do it, and it’s all done to the current ipc (international plumbing code),” according to Bucci.

Jimmie has been a plumber for over 22 years. He grew up in Ellwood City, attended Lincoln High School and still resides in Chewton/Ellwood City where he lives with his wife of 20 years, son, Damon, and daughter, Anna.

He saw a need for plumbers in this area.

“I noticed the lack of many local plumbers and felt that as a registered master plumber I could serve the community well,” he said.

According to Jimmie, there is no official license for Lawrence County and his license is a 4 year apprenticeship and a 2 year certification.

“I’m licensed for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Maryland,” he said. “I’ve seen the excessive prices charged by franchise plumbing companies and I want to treat my hometown better.”

He wants to help people understand that just because someone is a licensed contractor doesn’t necessarily mean they are a licensed plumber.

“The Pa hic licensing program is just to prove that you have insurance and have it registered with the state,” Bucci said. “It doesn’t automatically qualify you as a plumber. It takes 10 minutes and $50 to get this license. It took me six years for mine.

Plumbing has always been an attractive profession for Bucci.

I’ve always appreciated advanced troubleshooting,” he said. “I like to take things apart and rebuild them.”

He had to solve complex problems many times. He once saved a family by fixing a commercial oven that was misdiagnosed four times.

“I discovered that the oven was emitting more than 10 times the maximum carbon monoxide and had poisoned the woman’s entire family twice before my visit, and I found it, fixed the problem just in time to Thanksgiving, which would have been fatal if it hadn’t been fixed,” he said.

He also solved complex problems for clients that other plumbers could not.

“I’ve always been the go-to person for issues,” Bucci said. “I pride myself on being a very technically advanced plumber. I recently walked a client through the repair of his boiler while I was in Florida during the hurricane, just so he could save some money. ‘money. I love saving people money by fixing what can’t be fixed.”

One of his specials includes $995 40-gallon water heater installation with no hidden charges (includes tank, installation, 2 feet of hose, and disposal).

Rates are $100 an hour plus parts, and it offers 10% discounts for seniors, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. He is also a philanthropist and recently donated EMT supplies he acquired after buying a used ambulance for his business. Some of the items donated to the Ellwood City Fire Department included 3 EMS plastic support panels, 1 leg immobilizer, a splint kit and a portable suction unit.

“My company offers discounts to veterans, seniors, and first responders of all types,” he said. “And I’ve been trying very hard to support them since I grew up with them, my dad Thomas being a retired ECPD sergeant.”

One of his specials includes $995 40-gallon water heater installation with no hidden charges (includes tank, installation, 2 feet of hose, and disposal).

Bucci says he has high expectations for the future of his business. One of them is to share his skills as a mentor.

“I’m really looking forward to training someone to work with for me and share my experience,” he said.

Bucci Advanced Plumbing is open 24/7. Jimmie can be reached at 724-544-3494.

“You know it’s me when the plumbing ambulance shows up,” he said. “I am state licensed, fully bonded and insured and have plumbing license photo ID available upon request.”

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