Italian policy rehabilitates Berlusconi | International

And suddenly, Silvio Berlusconi. Again. It has happened dozens of times already. They gave him for dead – politically and sometimes also biologically – but he was coming back. His personal physician, Alberto Zangrillo, assures him that he is immortal. But there is something else that always keeps him alive: …

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Can Salvini prevent the League from breaking up?

In the summer of 2019, Matteo Salvini was one of the most powerful men in Italy. The leader of the far-right League party was seen by some as a sovereignist messiah, others feared he would become a Mediterranean Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the EU’s enfant terrible. But …

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Why Draghi could be a two-term prime minister

The “key man risk” is becoming familiar to Italian observers. Since Mario Draghi became Prime Minister in February, Italy has experienced a period of political stability that it has rarely seen since the collapse of the Democrazia Cristiana monolith. [Christian Democrats] in 1992. The question of his succession after the …

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