County commissioners talk about jail plumbing issues

by Danielle Linton-Hatfield/Personal editor

The Saline County Commission considered a bid for the Saline County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Presiding commissioner Kile Guthrey said he had received an offer from Evergy and recommended that they take it under advisement – because of the price. He indicated that this offer would be for the maintenance of the prison.

Currently there are plumbing issues. However, reviewing Evergy Guthrey’s offer, he noted that it wasn’t the only thing the prison needed for maintenance.

“The cell jail doors need to be replaced,” Guthrey said. “Paint, flooring – it’s a major overhaul. We may have to do that – of course it will be next year – but I imagine we’ll have to see what we can afford.

The estimated cost to take care of the overall maintenance is $4 million. As a result, Guthrey explained that it might need to be broken down. He pointed out that the plumbing issues should be sorted out first.

Guthrey said the tender went out Oct. 19. He repeated that it was the only one the county had received.

“Floor repairs, door locks, plumbing, modernization, energy savings (measures), maintenance for the upkeep and services necessary for the facilities,” Guthrey concluded.

Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner said the total cost estimate was $4,043,516.

“I think there are some of those things about this project of — being with these people when they’re out to watch — that can be put on the back burner for a long time,” Sheriff Cindi Mullins said.

After some discussion, a motion was moved by Fenner to take the offer under advisement. The motion was seconded by Northern Commissioner Stephanie Gooden. The committee approved the motion unanimously.

During the meeting, the commission unanimously endorsed Fenner to the board of directors of the Marshall-Saline Development Corporation. It would be for 2023.

Finally, Treasurer Jared Brewer presented the sales tax report on November 9. The figures for each tax are as follows: sales tax $99,145.65 (down $18,092.33 from last month; up $9,147.63 from last year); Law enforcement tax $74,358.93 (down $13,568.97 from last month; up $6,860.50 from last year); Use tax of $38,092.25 (up $965.02 from last month; down -$27,668.60 from last year); Law – Sunset $24,420.57 (down -$4,735.91 from last month; up $1,958.62 from last year); and Economic Development $97,568.16 (down -$19,058.24 from last month; up $7,730.28 from last year).