DFW establishes itself as one of the most trusted medical gas plumbers in the region

North Texas Plumbing (NTX) based in Watauga, TX is not your typical DFW metroplex plumbing service. This company specializes in several commercial plumbing tasks that many other plumbing companies are not capable or qualified to do.

Among these specialty plumbing services that NTX provides to businesses in the area is its reliable medical gas piping work. Something that company spokesperson Marc Sims acknowledges requires specific knowledge and experience such as their gifted technicians possess to do the job properly. Sims said, “There are many plumbing jobs where most well-trained plumbers can easily apply the skills they have learned in one specific area to another type of plumbing job. Performing medical gas piping tasks is not one of them. It takes months of training and a lot of experience to do the kind of precision work that this type of specialty plumbing work requires.

The company spokesperson went on to say that all of their plumbers who work in this specialized field are well trained, experienced and know exactly what it takes to make the necessary tight connections during assembly or repair. medical gas supply connections. It’s this kind of expertise that has led North Texas Plumbing to be recognized as one of the most trusted medical gas plumbing options in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area. He went on to say that medical gases are used in a wide variety of health care settings. This includes hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, assisted living centers, veterinary offices, veterinary surgery centers, and any type of healthcare facility that performs operations or surgeries.

The company spokesperson went on to say that their medical gas installation services in the Dallas Fort Worth area include oxygen piping, nitrous oxide piping, oxygen pipe welding, installation of medical gas manifolds, installation of medical air compressors, installation of medical vacuum cleaners, take-offs and engineering. , medical gas outlet, related alarm system and zone valve installation. Everything needed to install, repair and maintain critical medical gas lines in leak-free condition. He went on to say that at no time has this type of service been more important than during the recent pandemic, when the oxygen supply became scarce. Having properly installed and well-maintained medical gas supply lines greatly reduced oxygen loss during this time and, in turn, likely saved many lives.

Sims added that the reason their medical gas plumbing services are in such high demand goes far beyond the fact that their plumbers are highly skilled and experienced at the job. This is also because medical gas installers like theirs are specialist plumbers trained and certified to install medical gas piping systems. All of their medical gas installation technicians have been specifically certified in this area by the State of Texas. This is why healthcare facilities should never hire a plumber to do this type of work except those who are certified and experienced in medical gas plumbing.

Whether NTX Plumbing provides medical gas piping, grease trapping or property management plumbing services, customers often express their satisfaction with the work that was done for them in the reviews they write. Barbara Gibbons proclaimed: ‘They did gas pipe work at the doctor’s office where I worked. They were reliable, reasonably priced and very professional. Highly recommend!” Sean Rice said, “When you need a job well done on time and on budget, this is the only company to call to get it done right. Sharp, respectful and extremely knowledgeable in plumbing services.” Saundra Fare wrote, “I highly recommend North Texas Plumbing! I called for an emergency water main break, and they came out the same day. After several estimates, I chose North Texas Plumbing and they did a fantastic job for a very reasonable price. Technician fixed the slab leak quickly and as promised. I will definitely use them again for all my future plumbing needs.

Those interested in learning more about the medical gas plumbing services offered by North Texas Plumbing can contact them by phone, email, or by using the form on their website.


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