DLS Servicing Partners with Asurity to Help Mortgage Servicers Execute Loss Mitigation and Recording

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Asurity Technologies, LLC® (“Asurity”), a leading provider of digital compliance products and solutions, announced that its Asurity Mortgage Group (“AMG”) software has been deployed successfully by DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC, a trusted provider of mortgage and default services headquartered in Great Rapids, MI, to provide mortgage servicing capabilities to DLS-supported mortgage managers. On behalf of its clients, DLS maximizes the return on delinquent and defaulted loans by providing expert services and using its proprietary WaterfallCalc.com system to perform loss mitigation reviews, as well as support loan negotiations. short sale, replacement deed, advice and training on the maintenance of defects. Asurity and DLS have been collaborating for some time and over the past year have completed large-scale projects in response to market needs. By combining the expertise and tools that both organizations can offer, customers reap the benefits of a complete solution that efficiently and consistently meets their needs.

DLS relies on Asurity’s advanced loan document technology to produce compliant loan modification and partial claim document packages, as well as the expertise offered by AMG’s dedicated services team to track receiving and reviewing documents executed by a borrower, coordinating counterparty signatures, recording and fully delivering signed and recorded documents to the appropriate counterparties.

The combined offering provides more efficient loan processing and fewer risky loans, resulting in more usable and salable loans, and a better user experience in a time of increased digital transformation in the mortgage market. “Loss mitigation involves a complex series of steps with specific technical, process and document requirements,” says Ken Mezger, Director of Operations and Leader of the Services Team at AMG. “Leveraging our automated compliance technology and our team’s many years of deep mortgage and process expertise, Asurity is excited to help DLS help mortgage managers minimize loss, scale operations to meet volume demand, control costs and accelerate the loss mitigation process.”

Donna SchmidtManaging Director of DLS Servicing Consultants and Co-Founder of WaterfallCalc.com, said, “Asurity’s ability to rapidly deploy document management software and expert services that complement our capabilities has allowed us to take on more seamlessly handles loss mitigation work for large lenders, while delivering the excellent compliance and operational efficiencies our clients have come to expect.” Schmidt further explained, “Together, we can help providers expand their operations to handle large backlogs of distressed assets with our outsourced services, saving time and money to set up in-house operations while ensuring compliance and assurance throughout the process”.

About Asurity and the Asurity Mortgage Group
Asurity provides compliance-focused solutions to the mortgage and consumer lending industries. Asurity Services provides mortgage closing and servicing assistance to lenders directly or through its partnership with Sandler Law Group (Sandlerllc.com). Asurity products include Propel, a leading solution for the dynamic preparation of compliant mortgage document packages, and RegCheck which provides comprehensive compliance checks against loan level data pulled from any integrated LOS. These SaaS-based mortgage compliance products combine the best of compliance expertise with industry-leading loan document and compliance testing software to help lenders meet regulatory requirements and business goals. demanding. Asurity also offers RiskExec, adopted by financial institutions to analyze their data for compliance or other uses in mortgages, retail banking, auto loans, student loans and other forms of credit products. and deposit. For more information about Asurity and its leading software solutions, please visit www.asurity.com

About DLS Servicing Consultants and WaterfallCalc
DLS Maintenance Consultants, LLC. provides outsourced services to mortgage services, loan administration departments for loss mitigation underwriting reviews, third party validation of loss mitigation income and expense statements, administrative support for the execution of loss mitigation, short selling and pre-foreclosure sales processing. Other mortgage-related advisory services are also offered, including due diligence reviews, post-acquisition default portfolio analysis, FHA compliance analysis, and more. For more information, please visit https://www.dls-servicing.com/.

WaterfallCalc.com is an online decision and calculation tool for loss mitigation. The program saves loss mitigation professionals hours of processing time, while increasing compliance and reducing miscalculations. For more information, please visit https://www.waterfallcalc.com/.

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