How All Town Plumbing Stands Out in the Established Home Services Industry

You don’t need an innovative new product or service to start a successful business. Some entrepreneurs instead find simple ways to improve an established industry.

This is exactly what the owner of All city plumbing did. The company offers a plumbing school to employees, which provides better service to customers. Find out how the company stands out in the established field of plumbing in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the company does

Provides residential plumbing services.

Owner Anthony Cafagna told Small Business Trends: “We provide residential plumbing services ranging from small jobs such as clogged pipes, drains and toilets to larger projects such as transplanting and repairing or replacing burst pipes. We also perform drain and sewer repairs and replacements, water heater maintenance and installation, and gas repairs and replacements.

Business niche

Provide the best possible service and the best employees.

Cafagna says, “We are one of the few California companies that have an on-site plumbing school where our technicians can learn in a lab, not your workplace.

How the company started

With almost no resources.

Cafagna adds: “?? I started my business in 2009 with a dream, a strong hope for success and $2,000. Starting the business during the Great Recession was tough, but I traded in my truck for a van and slowly worked my way up with nothing but an empty van and $2,000. I didn’t even have shelves or drain cleaning equipment! »

Biggest win

Exceed their initial service area.

Cafagna explains, “We started out servicing only our immediate area, but quickly gained a reputation as the fastest plumber in the area and were able to open a second location to expand our business.”

The greatest risk

Start without understanding the business side.

Cafagna says, “When I started the business, the only thing I knew was plumbing. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. It was my biggest risk – I had many opportunities to fail. I only had $2,000 and a strong will to do something for myself. If everything had gone wrong, we wouldn’t be the successful company we are today. Taking that risk early on created what we have today.

How they would spend an extra $100,000

Expand the service area again.

Cafagna adds, “I would continue to grow the business by opening a third location, which would give us the ability to serve a larger area.”

team tradition

Reward top performers.

Cafagna says: “We take pride in a job well done, so we like to reward our top performing technicians. We have season tickets for Angels, Ducks and Anaheim Rams games. Our team loves it!

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Image: All the Plumbing in Town, Anthony Cafagna

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