Italians demand support for Afghan women

Thousands of people marched in Italian towns to support Afghan women

Among the groups organizing the protests were members of the Pangea Foundation, which had worked for 20 years on economic development projects for Afghan women before finding themselves helping to evacuate them when the Taliban took power.

During Saturday’s protest, Pangea supporters had a P drawn on their hand. It’s the same P that Afghan women wrote on their hands to be recognized at Kabul airport and evacuated during the chaotic weeks as Western countries ended their military missions.

“We must continue to press so that women can participate not only in education but also in the politics of their country,” said Simona Lanzoni, vice-president of Pangea, during the demonstration in Rome. “And then we should perhaps continue the humanitarian evacuations in a specific way, thinking first of those women who could not enter the airport in August but who are now really at risk in Afghanistan.

The event with the slogan “#Nonlasciamolesole (” Let’s not give them up “) brought together thousands of people in several Italian cities, where speakers called for a permanent observatory for women’s rights in Afghanistan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations.

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