Plumbing firm warns of costs ahead of winter storm | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas — A local plumbing company recommended Wednesday that Lubbock residents plan for the winter storm to avoid the costs and problems associated with sub-zero temperatures.

“The greatest thing anyone can do is let their faucet run. As little as one gallon per hour will keep pipes from freezing,” said Chuck Hall, co-owner and general manager of Earl’s Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Hall said dripping faucets located on walls connected to the outside would be the most effective.

“It wastes a little water, but it would be a very insignificant amount compared to a [busted pipe]. If you have a water main break that’s producing 1.5 to 2 gallons per minute versus one gallon per hour, it’s well worth the risk and the cost,” Hall explained.

Older homes may have a higher risk of burst pipes, the plumbing company said.

“All homes built after 2003 use a new type of water pipe that expands and then drops. It’s the old houses that have copper water pipes that are going to burst,” Hall added.

He said the cost to repair a broken pipe could be a few hundred dollars.

“Once it’s exposed, it’s a relatively easy fix because it’s usually just a small area, but you could have all the cleanup,” Hall said,

He also recommended setting the thermostats higher.

“In the bathroom, in the kitchen… Open those cabinets so they get some of the air from inside the house to go down to the pipes,” Hall said.

Earl’s Plumbing, Heating and Air said if you need a plumber during the winter storm, you can call the company at 806-795-3275.

The company said it was prepared for an influx of calls.