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Sumter County welcomes another industry to the community

Posted 9:05 a.m. Thursday, September 1, 2022

On August 30, 2022, on Brady Road, GMM Pfaudler JDS officially cut the ribbon for its manufacturing industry. Although they had been in the neighborhood for a while, the time seemed right to celebrate this industry. Sneha Patel greeted the crowd at the event and spoke about her family’s history in Sumter County. Sneha and Sam Patel have lived with us for 25 years. Sam is a mechanical engineer and dreamed of using those talents in a unique way. Five years ago, these plans began to materialize. On their website, the company describes who they are: “DS Manufacturing (DBA) Advantage Plus USA is a manufacturing company located in Americus, Georgia. The company manufactures glazed products through a microprocessor-controlled electric oven for precise control of firing temperature.

The development and production of acid and alkali resistant enamelled flush bottom outlet valves, plumbing fixtures, pipes, manhole covers, protection rings, pipes and pipe fittings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are a core competence of JDS Manufacturing.

Specially manufactured pipeline components, forgings and castings with special chemistry and metallurgy with years of experienced experts meet a wide range of customer requirements like corrosion protection for almost all chemicals , have a long service life, impact resistance and easy cleaning ability.

We have an extensive network of clients/associates across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The company had the Patels in attendance as well as delegates from New York and Scotland on hand to cut the ribbon. In addition, several of our neighbors who played a decisive role in the establishment of the company were represented. It is very clear that undertaking such a task requires great partnerships within our community, and each has served its purpose well.

Rusty Warner, Executive Director of the Sumter County Payroll Development Authority (PDA) addressed the crowd and officially welcomed the industry. The Patels invested in PDA-owned property and made significant upgrades to the facility, increasing our tax base. They also provide a unique product that will further put Sumter County on the map for its impact in the manufacturing industry. Rusty was quick to point out that every citizen of Sumter County has something to offer by selling our county as a place to do business. We all have a responsibility to sell our community and invest in it. Lee Kinnamon, Mayor of the Town of Americus, also offered his welcome and spoke about the “neighborhood” of the Patels and the gift we have received in having them as people who make up our community. Finally, a delegate from Scotland addressed the crowd and praised the success they are seeing in Sumter County. He sees great potential to continue meeting the needs of the world through their product.

As is the case in Sumter County, when the ribbon was cut, neighbors lingered together to meet new faces and enjoy familiar faces. Refreshments were served and many congratulations were exchanged among friends. Please join in welcoming the Patels and their industry to town, they have a special place at our table and they help make Sumter County a phenomenal place to live.